International Valuation Standards (IVS)
           IVS 1: Market Value Basis of Valuation
           IVS 2: Valuation Bases Other Than Market Value
           IVS 3: Valuation Reporting
International Valuation Applications (IVA)
           IVA 1: Valuation for Financial Reporting 
           Addendum A: Further Guidance on Lease Accounting – Lease Classification
           IVA 2: Valuation for Lending Purposes
International Valuation Guidance Notes:
           Guidance Note No. 1: Real Property Valuation
           Guidance Note No. 2: Valuation of Lease Interests
           Guidance Note No. 3: Valuation of Plant and Equipment
           Guidance Note No. 4: Valuation of Intangible Assets 
           Guidance Note No. 5: Valuation of Personal Property 
           Guidance Note No. 6: Business Valuation
           Guidance Note No. 7: Consideration of Hazardous & Toxic Substances In Valuation
           Guidance Note No. 8: The Cost Approach for Financial Reporting (DRC)
           Guidance Note No. 9: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis for Market & Non-Market                                                        Based Valuations
           Guidance Note No. 10: Valuation of Agricultural Properties
           Guidance Note No. 11: Reviewing Valuations
           Guidance Note No. 12: Valuation of Specialised Trading Property
           Guidance Note No. 13: Mass Appraisal for Property Taxation
           Guidance Note No. 14: Valuation of Properties in the Extractive Industries | | | | |