Welcome to EVAL EXPERT S.R.L.!
         I would like to introduce our firm to you. We offers appraisal consulting services. Most of our staff are accredited by ANEVAR and have international and local market appraisal expertise.
         S.C. EVAL EXPERT S.R.L. offers appraisal consulting services related to personal property valuation in the following cases: purchase/sell transactions; independent evaluations; price recovery; bankruptcy; expropriation; dissollution; financing; insurance; leasing; accounting restatements ; mergers and acquisitions; contributions in kind. In real estate, we offer our expertise in cases related to: transfer or use of real estate; property financing; property taxes; compensation for damages; real estate planning.
         Appraisal reports have a high level of accuracy and quality. They are based on up-to-date data colected from the market and employ sofisticated evaluation techniques.
         Appraisal reports protect the clients by adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards, adopted by the National Association of Romanian Evaluators.
         We are open to collaboration with firms in the appraisal field both as partners and clients.

S.C. Eval Expert S.R.L. Team

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