The appraisal value is an estimation and is the result of a thorough analysis. It is also time and market specific.
S.C. Eval Expert S.R.L. offers appraisal/valuation services for real estate and personal properties, in the following situations:
- Purchase/sale of property (real estate, plant, personal property, etc.);
- Property mergers and exchanges;
- Loan/Credit guatantees/collateralization;
- Disputes resolution;
- Fair compensation in case of expropriation (cause of public utility)
- Causes of authenticated cheating of a buyer;
- Compensation for damages;
- Taxation;
- Real estate taxes (land, building, etc.);
- Taxation of gifts;
- Insurance;
- Assets value registering in accounting balance;
- Other purposes;
- Asset replacement;
- Rent/lease agreements ;
- Bankruptcy, dissolution etc; | | | | |